equity arcata

equity arcata

Equity arcata is a partnership between the City of Arcata, Cal Poly Humboldt, local businesses and members of the community working to make Arcata a more inclusive and welcoming environment for People of Color.

Its purpose is to create a welcoming, safe and racially equitable community. We envision an Arcata that believes we are a better community because of our growing racial diversity, where new residents and students are successful and feel supported within the community.

No single person or group can solve increasingly complex social problems on their own. Too many organizations are working in isolation from one another. Equity arcata working groups collaborate under the collective impact model in order to achieve social change.

Visit equity arcata at equityarcata.com

To read more about equity arcata, visit Humboldt Now's 10/6/23 column: City, University Collaborate to Create More Welcoming Community for Students of Color

Student Advisory Group for Equity (SAGE)

equity arcata’s Student Advisory Group for Equity (SAGE) Representatives are student leaders who represent key student constituencies at Cal Poly Humboldt who identify in whole or in part as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The SAGE members bridge the Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence and the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center (SJEIC) with equity arcata. They center the voices of BIPOC students and networks to provide guidance for the alignment of equity arcata programs and practices with BIPOC student needs and feelings of acceptance in the Arcata community. 

SAGE members are advisors, planners, and supporters with three focus areas: 

  1. Grassroots Partnerships 

  2. Collective Impact

  3. Convening & Communicating

SAGE members collaborate with and learn from BIPOC leaders across the area, practice inclusive peer leadership, and are committed to collaboration and communication, representing students and the university in the critical work of equity and social justice. 


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