Diversity and Equity Fellows

LGBTQIA+: Benjamin Graham, College of Professional Studies
  • Dr. Benjamin Graham has developed two projects that will positively impact the recognition, achievements, and visibility of our LGBTQ+ community. The first is the development of an ongoing commitment to commemorating LGBTQ+ History Month annually in October by inviting faculty to integrate spotlight achievements of the LGBTQ+ community into their classrooms.The second project is pursuing the completion of the Campus Pride Index in which matters of the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our institutional LGBTQ+ community are assessed. The results of this assessment will reveal areas of campus success in creating safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces, as well as the areas in which we can improve LGBTQ+ policies, programs, and practices.


Equity Arcata: Lisa Bond-Maupin, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Equity arcata is a partnership between the City of Arcata, Cal Poly Humboldt, local businesses and members of the community working to make Arcata a more inclusive and welcoming environment for People of Color. Its purpose is “to create a welcoming, safe and racially equitable community. We envision an Arcata that believes we are a better community because of our growing racial diversity, where new residents and students are successful and feel supported within the community.” As Equity Arcata Network Manager, Dr. Bond-Maupin is evaluating and cultivating the structure and sustainability of the partnership between the City Of Arcata and Cal Poly Humboldt in its shared commitment to racial equity. The work of equity arcata reinforces the Collective Impact model and what it means to work under a shared agenda with shared  accountability for impact.


Student Equity Research: Jianmin Zhong, College of Natural Resources and Sciences
  • Dr. Zhong is utilizing CSU and Cal Poly Humboldt institutional data to interrogate academic achievement gaps and the underlying reasons for those gaps. In partnership with IRAR and ODEI, this initiative establishes a framework for multi-year data analysis applicable to courses in multiple disciplines across Cal Poly Humboldt and replicable in the CSU system. This type of integrated analysis has never been conducted at Cal Poly Humboldt and will enable the development of culturally targeted and economically responsive programs and best practices to resolve persistent equity gaps.



Six Pillars of Inclusive Excellence: Staff Position, to be determined
  • The Six Pillars of Inclusive Excellence have been aligned with the institutional Strategic Plan Future Forward 2021-2026. Within Future Forward 2021-2026, six institutional strategic themes outline a total of 25 institutional goals, providing a coherent framework to contextualize and enhance the institutional impact of the Six Pillars of Inclusive Excellence. This alignment has allowed us to intentionally and structurally integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our institutional vision. This fellow is preparing an educational workshop specific to the Six Pillars of Inclusive Excellence to continue a deeper engagement with the personnel of non-academic units to promote the critical importance and understanding of matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to our institutional values and culture.