The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is the university’s leading administrative program in building bridges of caring, engaging critical social consciousness, and elevating all community members’ sense of belonging, success, and well-being in service to dismantling structurally oppressive policies and practices, and support the development of equitable policies and practices.


The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leads the visioning and implementation of Cal Poly Humboldt’s quest for inclusive excellence in alignment with the institution's 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, Future Forward.  Through compassionate listening and intentional cross-campus and community collaboration, we strive to transform relationships and policies to shape the Humboldt of the future. We will achieve our purpose by implementing our six-pillar framework of inclusive excellence: (1) A safe and welcoming community (2) Equitable opportunities and outcomes (3) Strategic partnerships (4) Intercultural competence and cultural humility development (5) Organizational resources and (6) Collaborative leadership and shared accountability.

Listen   ·   Collaborate   ·    Transform

Principles of Community for Inclusive Excellence

Accountability for Results

We are accountable for our own results. Accountability means more than just doing our job. It includes an obligation to make ourselves and our policies and practices better, to pursue inclusive excellence, and to engage in ways that further Humboldt's purpose and vision. Being accountable means that we are self-reflective and answerable for our actions and the actions of our teams.


We welcome, value, and affirm all members of our community, including their various abilities, contributions, ideas, intersectional identities, skills, and talents. We create and nurture environments that support the living, well-being and belonging of all community members, with particular focus on minoritized groups.

Compassionate Collaboration

We genuinely broaden our understanding of others’ experiences and life journeys, and build rapport grounded in mutual trust and respect. We co-create positive environments necessary for our integrated work to flourish and support the purpose and vision of Humboldt. We listen and prioritize the voices of minoritized community members to drive the change for how to best meet the identified historical and contemporary needs of the groups and build resilient communities.

Care and Confidentiality

We believe in care of the individual and the community that is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to earn and maintain each other’s trust in our personal and professional lives. We listen with compassion, support individual and collective growth, see all of us as a work in progress, and keep confidential information entrusted with us whenever necessary.

Cultural Humility

We strive to grow in our cultural humility and adopt the four principles first brought forth by Drs. Melanie Tervalon and Jann Murray Garcia. First to critically self-reflect and be lifelong learners; second to recognize and mitigate inherent power imbalances; third, create mutually beneficial non-paternalistic relationships with community members, highlighting the expertise that resides in the community, and away from the university; and fourth to have institutional accountability and alignment.


We act ethically, honestly, and with trust in all our interactions. We believe that conflict is an opportunity for growth and aim to conduct Humboldt's business without causing harm. When harm is caused, we see repair as an occasion to deepen our understanding of each other and grow stronger individually, as an institution, and as a community. We are accountable for our actions.

Ongoing Learning

We engage in the continuous improvement of personal and professional skills. Continuous learning and improvement supports the development of our full potential as individuals, teams, and as a University community. We are eager to learn – and to share our knowledge and experience with one another. We foster a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement which will have a direct and positive impact on our ultimate success.


We honor and affirm the dignity inherent in all of us and in all people, and we strive to maintain a climate of equity and justice demonstrated by respect for one another. We are committed to freedom of expression, critical discourse, and the advancement of knowledge. We strive to overcome historical and divisive biases in our community and society.

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