Maya Montes de Oca

ODEI Student Fellow

Hello, my name is Maya Montes de Oca. I am a first-year Political Science student from Southern California. Back home, I was part of Planned Parenthood Generation at my high school, with the goal of de-signifying Planned Parenthood’s services and other safety-net healthcare providers. I was also granted the opportunity to help organize some local protests.
I adore Humboldt County. I have been so grateful for the time I get to spend wandering in the redwoods, the community forest is one of my favorite places. Something that I have learned, and I have found that it has served me well, is that there isn’t any harm in wearing your heart on your sleeve from time to time. Empathy is a powerful tool, and I believe that the world would be much better off if we took a second to walk in someone else’s shoes. I’m a bleeding heart, and that is something that I take pride in. I am grateful for the opportunity that being part of the ODEI has presented me, and I hope to learn how I can best serve my campus and community. I hope to continue engaging in work to promote equity and social justice. Working together, we can solve community problems, and build a stronger and more equitable Arcata. 
Maya Montes de Oca
(707) 826-4503
Siemen's Hall Rm. 215