Jeanne Marie Riecke

Administrative Support Coordinator


Jeanne Marie Riecke grew up in Humboldt County, is a member of the Yurok Tribe and attended College of the Redwoods, graduating from San Francisco State.  Most of her working career has been spent in the court system, managing courts as a Supervising Court Clerk in Milwaukie, Oregon, as a Clerk/Administrator of the Delano-McFarland Justice Court and as a Tribal Court Administrator for the Yurok Tribal Court.

Jeanne enjoys historical, legal, cultural and genealogical research, along with collecting local vintage photographs.  She researched an 8 volume set on the Legal History of the Yurok Tribe from pre-European contact to the present.  She also compiled a volume on Yurok Land Research, detailing the concerted effort to transfer trust land out of Reservation status, to private non-Yurok ownership, through federal policy and legislation.

Jeanne also enjoys researching Yurok Basketweave Designs and has digitized over 1100 basketweave designs.  It is her belief that through the intention of their existence (prayer of Yurok women when making baskets) that these designs can help heal the world.    This collection of designs is in use all over the Northern California area and beyond.  Jeanne lives in Requa on the Yurok Reservation.  She likes to design Yurok jewelry, enjoys boating and salmon fishing on the Klamath River.  She likes smoking and canning fish.  She created a new recipe, Jalapeno Smoked Salmon, which has enjoyed recent popularity.

An example of a digitized Yurok Tribe Basketweave Design below:  The Weitspus Boat Dance Design variation.






Jeanne Marie Riecke
(707) 826-4503
Siemen's Hall Rm. 208