SHAA-Student Housing Advocate Alliance

SHAA is an organization that was established in the Fall of 2016 by Humboldt State University students.  SHAA focusses on education, research, policy and social services.  SHAA is an advocate for the homeless individuals within the community.  SHAA has created an Off-Campus Student Housing Liaison position, lobbied in the state capitol and spoke with 23 different representatives, hosted a three day summit on housing insecurities and spoke out at the CSU Housing and Food Insecurity 2018 summit.  SHAA is  here to help and provide resources to students and their communities locally and across the state.


7% Currently homeless, College of the Redwoods

19% Homeless in the last 12 months 2017 Humboldt State University

Homeless since starting college

15% HSU 2015

15% CR 2016

Internships available in all disciplines to study housing issues that students face.

LOCATION:  SHAA  840 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501 P.O. Box 14