Options for Support-Reporting Incidents of Concern for Your Safety

The attached flyer gives information regarding reporting incidents out of concern for your safety.

Marcus Winder, Title IX Coordinator and DHR Administrator (707) 826-3385 maw180@humboldt.edu Siemens Hall 215

University Police Department:  826-5555  Also there are options for anonymous and confidential reports.

Incidents can include:  Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Rape, Dating/Intimate Partner or Domestic Violence, Harassment Based on Gender Non-Conformity, Cyber-Stalking and/or Retaliation

Other Options for Confidential Support.

North Coast Rape Crisis Team (707) 445-2881 24 hr. hotline

Mira Friedman, HSU Health Educator (707) 826-5234 mira@humboldt.edu

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (707) 442-6042 24 hr. hotline

Mary Sue Savage, Prevention Coordinator (707) 826-5235, mss62@humboldt.edu

HSU Counseling and Psychological Services (707) 826-3236 24 hr. crisis counseling In Person Crisis Counseling M-F 8AM to 5PM.