Dr. Cheryl L. Johnson Resigns as Executive Director of ODEI

  After over 2 years at Humboldt State University’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dr. Cheryl L. Johnson has resigned from  her position as Executive Director., effective October 13, 2019. 

Dr. Johnson has accepted a new position as Dean of Equity and Student Support at Skyline Community College in the San Mateo Community College District.  She will continue her work with equity and be in charge of programs that support students in their college matriculation.  She said she expects to be very busy, as they are start up programs.  She will be very involved with setting up offices and programs to meet student needs.  She said she was looking forward to working directly with students again.  Dr. Johnson will be missed, personally and for her ability to introduce new concepts such as Collective Impact, to address inequities in the community, TK-12 schools and higher education.   ODEI hopes to continue the work started by Dr. Johnson.

During her stay at Humboldt State University, Dr. Johnson was responsible for:

  • Setting up and staffing the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with an Associate Director, Community Development Specialist and an Administrative Support Coordinator.
  • She also was responsible for policy making to revise Appendix J, to address equity in the way Faculty achieved retention, tenure and promotion.
  •  She instituted the use of Equity Advocates during the hiring process for Faculty and Staff hiring searches, to ensure equity in hiring.
  • She was responsible for the introduction of training for  the community, HCOE schools and HSU  Staff, Faculty and Administrators, in all areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.  The training featured, Trauma Informed Systems, Whiteness and Microaggressions, the Four Dimensions or Racism, Avoiding Unconscious Bias and Cultural Humility.
  • ODEI sponsored Financial Literacy workshops for students, to understand Credit, Debt, Taxes and Financial Responsibility.
  • Dr. Johnson, also was on the President’s Cabinet, where she contributed to the decisions made affecting the HSU Campus.
  • She was an integral part of Equity Arcata, in all of the working groups and the Design Team, to implement Collective Impact, to address systems change.
  • She was responsible for developing the President’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council which is advising the President on  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in HSU's Strategic Plan for 2020.

On a personal note, she will be missed for her mentoring and example on the strength of her interactions with the community, administration, faculty, staff and students for systems change.