Tourist Attractions - Avenue of the Giants, Tall Trees

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Map of Avenue of the Giants
Off Hwy 101 North approach:  Take Avenue of the Giants exit south of Stafford.
Off Hwy. 101 South approach.  Take Avenue of the Giants exit south of Phillipsville or you can take it at south end of Garberville and travel through Redway.
Avenue of the Giants Marathon, May 5th, registration online and at the starting line


Marathon and Registration information below:
Enjoyable run along the Avenue of the Giants.  

Brad Pitt Grove aka Grieg French Bell Grove
It isn't actually named after him but it might as well be.

The Grieg-French-Bell grove has some nice redwoods, but it’s most remarkable for its incredibly thick and dense groundcover of redwood sorrel. The unusually lush groundcover, which is almost pure sorrel, might result from the grove’s location at the fog-prone northern edge of the park. The sorrel completely covers a forest floor that, unusually, consists of little rolling mounds, and also covers fallen logs.

Because it’s both visually striking and conveniently located right next to a major road, the grove is often used for movies and TV commercials.

This incredible Redwood grove, located just off the famous Avenue of the Giants, is home to some of the tallest trees in the world. At the end of the loop is the magnificent fallen Dyerville Giant. The giant redwood once stood 362 ft. tall and was considered the tallest tree in the park before its fall in 1991. The redwood’s crash to the ground moved the earth so much that it registered on a nearby seismograph and one local, who heard the impact from half a mile away, thought a train had crashed. Today you can walk the whole length of the tree and stand in awe of its massive root system beautifully on display.   Dyerville Giant Facts: 362 ft. in height 17 ft. diameter 52 ft. circumference Possibly 2,000 years old   Location: On Dyerville Loop Rd. just off the Avenue of the Giants. Google Map. Mileage:  0.6 miles Elevation Change: 20 feet. Additional Information: This is a level, ADA accessible trail. There are restrooms in the parking lot.     These easy hikes are disability accessible and fun for the whole family. Pick up a self-guided nature trail guide at the trailhead, or spend some time ambling through the Humboldt Redwood's State Park and take in the natural wonder of these impressive trees.

Map of Grieg French Bell Trail
Founder's Grove

The Founders’ Grove is the most-visited grove in Humboldt Redwoods and a major North Coast redwood attraction. It’s popular because it’s conveniently (maybe too conveniently) located right next to a Highway 101 offramp on the Avenue of the Giants, and it’s also truly an exceptional sight.

The grove is perhaps most notable for its sheer size. From most locations on the loop trail, the big redwoods extend as far as you can see in every direction. No other lowland grove feels quite so expansive.

Located on an exceptionally large alluvial flat at the intersection of two rivers, the grove is shielded from storms by 3000-foot-tall mountains to the west, yet is still immersed in the summer fog that flows up the Eel River Valley. As a result the grove has a lot of huge trees, which combined with its large area and openness make it one of the most impressive there is; it’s really the quintessential redwood grove.

Rockefeller Grove

The Rockefeller Loop Trail/Bull Creek Flat trail is at the foot of the majestic 10,000 acre Rockefeller Forest. The Rockefeller Forest is the largest remaining contiguous old-growth coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forest in the world. Trees soaring to immense heights combined with a relatively open under story combine to create a fairy-book forest! The grove has the classic groundcover of redwood needles dusted with a sparse layer of redwood sorrel and dotted with an occasional fern. Walking through these forests is like taking a step back in time. Some of the tallest trees in the world are in this forest, and they may be thousands of years old. When you walk through the forest however, measurements don’t seem very important. In 1917, several prominent men traveled to Humboldt County to see these trees. When they found that these trees were not protected, they founded the Save-the-Redwoods League to preserve examples of these forests. In 1921, the first grove was purchased in what was to become Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The Rockefeller Forest was purchased from the Pacific Lumber Company in 1931. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. had taken a tour of the area with Save-the-Redwoods League officials and was impressed. The Save-the-Redwoods League purchased the land with a pair of million-dollar donations from Rockefeller and matching funds from the state. Save-the Redwoods is still actively saving forests with the help of generous philanthropists.

Map of the Groves


Woman's Federation Club Grove

Off Hwy 101 on the Avenue of the Giants at Honeydew Exit.  Locals call it Woman's Grove, the "Federation Club" was a bit much.  Swimming but not too deep, since the dams were built there just aren't a lot of good swimming places left.  Avoid in late August when there is algae and moss.  It is sheltered and warm when the sun is out.  Picnicking tables and parking.


Photo by David Wilson, Evening on the Eel River at Women's Federation Club Grove.
   Bigfoot and his Teddy, photo by Jeanne (he needed a Teddy)
Bigfoot Gallery, below Garberville on Hwy. 101
Bigfoot Museum, Willow Creek, California Hwy. 299

 Museum has giant plaster footprints and other items.   
Tall Trees Grove
Trailhead Parking
Hiking area in Humboldt County, California *NOTE:  It is a good hike up and down.  Go with someone who has your pace.  
4 Hour commitment, stop in at a Parks Visitor Center to get padlock code.  It changes daily, so it has to be for that day.  
Kuchel Visitor Center, north of Orick and Freshwater Lagoon. Just off Hwy. 101.
Prairie Creek Visitor Center, coming from the south, take Newton Drury exit.  Stop at Visitor Center for padlock code.
Then take Bald Hills Road exit north of Orick on Hwy. 101.  Drive 12 miles, then turn right on gravel road.  Come to padlock gate.  Unlock padlock with code. (about 1 hr.)
Hike in for 1 hr and back out 1 hr.
AddressTall Trees Access Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519
Star Wars Set Location
(North on Hwy. 101, turn right onto Hwy. 199 out of Crescent City, about 80 miles north of Arcata)
Ewok Village Scene
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