President's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Membership


HSU President's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Membership includes faculty, staff and student representatives from the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, University Advancement, and Associated Students.

Executive Team

Dr. Edelmira Reynoso

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Jennifer Eichstedt, Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Bias Education Initiative Coordinator/Sasheen Raymond, ASC, Social Work

Fernando Paz, Coordinator, Latinx Center for Academic Excellence

Kimberly Vincent-Layton, Lecturer, Dept. of Communication, Educational Developer, Center for Teaching & Learning


Brandilynn J. Villareal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology







Casey Park, Board Coordinator, Associated Students

Cassaundra CaudilloStudent, ODEI

Cedric K. Aaron, Therapist, Multicultural Specialist CAPS Program

Eric Palma, Compensation and Class Manager, Human Resources and APS

Jenessa Lund, Executive Director, Associated Students

Jourden  Lamar, Associated Students Representative and AS Vice President

Katia Karadjova, College Librarian, Natural Resources and Sciences, World Languages and Culture

Kayla R. Begay, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Native American Studies

Kerri Malloy, Lecturer, Department of Native American Studies

Kim White, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Kumi Watanabe-Schock, Community Programming & Media Specialist, Humboldt State Library

Leena Dellalsheh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History

Linda Parker, Educational Resource Specialist, SDRC

Roman Sotomayor, Student, Associated Students Representative

Mark Wicklund, Associate Director of Assessment, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Meridith Oram, Community Development Specialist, ODEI 

Michael S. Le, Research Associate, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Nikola G. Hobbell, Professor, English Education, Director

Roman Sotomayor, Student, Student Legal Lounge

Sasheen Raymond, Administrative Support., Dept. of Social Work

Sheila E. Rocker-Heppe, Director, Extended Education and OLLI Programs

Tasha R. Howe, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Psychology

Tracy S. Smith, Director, Retention thru Academic Mentoring Program