HSU Goudi'ni Gallery Native Artists' Events 2018-19 Grant Progress Report

Goudi’ni Gallery Diversity Grant

Sing Our Rivers Red, Goudi’ni Gallery, September 6-October 19

An exhibition of earrings aimed at bringing awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and colonial gender-based violence.

Geri Montano (title TBD), Goudi’ni Gallery, November 1-December 8

This show will feature the work of Geri Montano, a Bay Area-based multiracial contemporary artist with Dineh (Navajo), Comanche, French, and Spanish heritage. Formally trained in drawing, painting, and sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute, she is now an art instructor for developmentally disabled adults.

Spring Gallery Projects

Include local artist Lyn Risling. a painter and illustrator who has done important work at HSU and in the surrounding areas. Her work is focused on education, particularly in the realm of Indigenous languages and cultures. She is going to have a solo show, give an artist talk, and hold a workshop (tentatively)

Secondly, we will have a two-part show. The front half of the gallery will celebrate ITEPP’s 50th anniversary, with borrowed sashes from ITEPP alumni, all decorated with a shared design, stories and portraits from graduates.

G-O Road Case:  The back half of the gallery will tell the story of the 1970s-80s religious freedom case involving the question of building a road through sacred indigenous lands in the Siskiyou Mountains and Six Rivers Forest. This case was the subject of numerous demonstrations, events, and presentations, involving many people from this area. Cutcha Risling Baldy, Carly Marino, and others at the HSU Library are working on a grant-funded project collecting, digitizing, and creating online content with information and materials from this case. We are working with them to develop a follow-up exhibition at the Goudi’ni Gallery.