Diversity & Equity Grants - Guidelines

Grant Money Cannot Be Used For:

  • Event T-shirts
  • Per diem for speakers
  • Staff/faculty/student or any other member of the campus community salary, stipend or honorarium
  • Any expenditure that is not solely for the program as described in your grant application
  • Food
  • Gifts for participants, speakers, and organizers (Unless it is integral to program. If so, it must be justified in the grant proposal and approved by the committee.)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Off-campus recruitment projects
  • Curriculum development
  • Fundraising activities


  • Grant money can only be used for publicity if it was included in your proposal's budget (amount may vary from what you requested)
  • If you are having materials printed from HSU Graphics follow these steps:
  1. Contact  your Administrative Advisor, to schedule an appointment to discuss needs and costs. 
  2. Send and emial to diversity@humboldt.edu that includes the following:
  • Your Name
  • The name of the event that is being funded
  • The amount you have been awarded to use toward printing/publicity
  • The number of copies, and if they are to be color or black and white
  • The date you need printing complete (Please allow at least 2 weeks for printing)
  • A pdf document of what you want printed

***Note: All publicity must acknowledge the sponsoring of the event/program by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. You can access the "sponsored by" Logo here, or you contact our office at (707)826-4503 or diversity@humboldt.edu and we will send it to you. 

Use of Campus Facilities 

Additional Guidelines (Monies will be transfered to your Department or Program for Monitoring and Disbursement)

  •  There will be no postponements nor extensions once grant is awarded.  Project must occur between Fall 2019-Spring 2020.  If your project is scheduled for Fall 2019, funds must be used by December 31, 2019. If your project is schedulded for Spring 2020, funds must be used by May 17, 2020.  If funds are not used by these deadlines, funds will go back into the grant pool for the next funding cyle.  If there are any changes in the date of your project, notify ODEI. 
  • Proposals that advance equity and diveristy, help with the retention of underrepresendted students and faculty will be prioritized. 
  • Funding starts July 1, 2019.  Monies cannot be used before July 1 and must be spent during the University Fiscal Year of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.
  • All paperwork for reimbursement must be turned in to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office by the end of the semester in which the program occurs. There is no guarantee any reimbursement received thereafter will be paid unless your event spans more than one semester or you are awaiting additional receipts or invoices. In this case, please send an e-mailor call the ODEI Office regarding the circumstances to get an extension.
  • If a speaker needs travel accommodations, DO NOT purchase it for them. Tell the speaker they must provide their own travel and they can be reimbursed with an invoice or receipt OR their honorarium can be increased to include their travel (by including travel costs in the honorarium, there will also be less paperwork!)
  • Complete online Evaluation and Assessment Form when turning in all paperwork. This evaluation is used to assess the effectiveness of your program and the success of the Diversity Program Grant. This evaluation form will be attached to any future grants you apply for (if it is for the same event) which will assist the committee in determining the success of your event. If you do not submit an evaluation and are applying for a recurring event/program in the future, your application will not be eligible!


***NoteThe funds from the Diversity & Equity Grant are state monies and should be treated as such. Your Administrative advisor can help you understand the restrictions on state monies.