Books and ODEI Lending Library

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  • Walking on Eggs: Mastering the Dreaded Diversity Discussion – Frederick, Peter. College Teaching, v43 n3 p83-92 Sum 1995. Nine strategies for opening and sustaining discussion of cultural pluralism in the college classroom.
  • Guidelines for Discussion of CyberBullying and Expressions of Anti-Gay Sentiment (PDF) - University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. Offers guidelines to help instructors facilitate classroom discussion around the issue of respecting sexual identity and intimacy, and the issues of ethical practice in cyberspace, including tools for dealing with both planned and unanticipated questions and discussions.
  • Talking Race in the Classroom – Dr. Jane Bolgatz, Graduate School of Education Fordham University. A 50-minute lecture about the need for racial literacy and how it can be incorporated into a school curriculum. A great model for talking openly about race in a college setting.