Meridith Oram

Community Development Specialist


Meridith joined ODEI in March 2018 as the Community Development Specialist. Meridith is an educator with over ten years of experience teaching in TK-12 learning environments as well as at the university level. Her current work focuses on systemic change for equity at HSU, in area TK-12 schools, and with local government, business owners, and other community stakeholders who have committed to a collective impact model as stakeholders in Equity Arcata.


Before relocating to Humboldt County in 2014, Meridith taught high school Spanish in independent schools in Sacramento and San Francisco. During her time at The Urban School of San Francisco, Meridith participated in equity work using a process of inquiry. The experience was transformative and, ever since, her priority has been to support schools and community organizations in naming whiteness, dismantling systems of oppression, and working towards racial equity and racial justice. Meridith holds two BS degrees from Penn State University (one in Nutrition and one in Spanish -- 1999) as well as an MA in Spanish from Middlebury College (2016).


Meridith is a lifelong learner who believes in ongoing self-reflection and critique (a key aspect to Dr. Melanie Tervalon’s and Dr. Jann Murray-García’s  framework of Cultural Humility). In her free time, Meridith frequents area thrift shops and second-hand bookstores, practices Soo Bahk Do, and spends time in Ferndale growing vegetables and reading where she lives with her son, her mother, four cats, and eleven chickens.

Meridith Oram
(707) 826-4526
Siemens Hall Rm. 207