Humboldt State University-ITEPP

The original “Indian Teacher Education Project”,  established in 1969, was a grassroots program developed by local tribal members and college faculty to provide a teacher preparation program for 18 American Indian students at Humboldt State University (HSU). In 1979 the program’s official name became “Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program” (ITEPP) and began to serve Native American Indian students who were pursuing careers in counseling and social work in addition to teaching. In 2012 the name was renamed the  Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program to reflect the inclusion of students from a broad array of majors. Today ITEPP remains a leader in preparing future Native American professionals.

Today ITEPP’s graduates are employed throughout the Nation serving tribes, communities in a multitude of capacities.  Many have pursued graduate degrees and continue to utilize their leadership skills in “Indian Country.”